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Folding Pop-Ups For Sale, Folding Pop-Up Dealer in Indiana

For young families or couples who want a ‘close-to-nature’ camping experience, a folding pop-up is your ideal choice! They offer the ease and many of the conveniences of a camper with the more rustic feeling of sleeping outdoors that you enjoy when tent camping. Because they fold down into a compact size, they’re easier to tow, even behind smaller cars, and they’re easier to store when not in use. Folding pop-ups usually sleep between 4 to 8, with spacious pull-out end beds, some as large as a king bed. Pop-up campers usually have a sink and a toilet, and some even have a shower. Many include a one or two burner camping stove as well as a cozy dinette space. And there’s plenty of storage space, as well. If you’re looking to enjoy a simple, easy camping experience, you’ll find your perfect folding pop-up right here at Cunningham’s.
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